Information about Beni Hammad Fort

Name Beni Hammad Fort
Location M’Sila Province, Algeria
Region Arab States
Country Algeria
Continent Africa
Coordinates 35°48′50″N 04°47′36″E
Official name Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad
Type Cultural
Designated 1980 (4th session)
Reference Number 102
Extension 1981 – 1982
Criteria iii.
Founder/Owner Hammad ibn Buluggin, the son of Buluggin ibn Ziri,
Establised/Created 1007 by Hammad ibn Buluggin,
Near by city  Maadid
Near by Airport M’Sila Airport
Unesco Approved amount in USD The amount of almost 40 billion USD invested since 2001
No. of Request approved Na

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