Monuments of Bihar

Bihar is one of the most ancient and historical rich state in India, Bihar played a vital role in the cultivation of civilization in India, the Nalanda, the Taxsila and so many gurukulas were the pride of this state.

Bihar was actually divided in various Janpadas in the ancient time, we can say during Chanaksya, and at that time various building were created and those are today known as monuments of we can historical monuments of Bihar.

After the Nanda, Mayurya and Gupt dynasties mughals invaded this highly rich heritage state and they broken so many great buildings of that time, but still they have somthing to see nd now they are very important monuments of Bihar.

Now we came to the modern era when British came to India and started new building as per their requirements and actually they made them very famous in India and other counties, hence they are very famous monuments of Bihar.

So, here we are listing various monuments of Bihar with some specific details with the hope that you will love to see and read about that

SL. No. Description Location District
1 Rohtasgarh Fort Rohtas Rohtas
2 Patna Golghar Patna Patna
3 Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya Gaya

राज्य संरक्षित बिहार के ऐतिहासिक स्मारक

SL. No. Description Location District
S-BR-1 Ara House, Maharaja College Compound Arah Arah
S-BR-10 Brahmayoni Hill, Gaya Gaya Gaya
S-BR-11 Taradih (Mastipur) Bodh Gaya Gaya Gaya
S-BR-12 (Jama Masjid) Stone Masjid, Hajipur Hajipur Hajipur
S-BR-13 Gira Bigaha Jahanabad Jahanabad
S-BR-14 Garahi Kaimur Kaimur Kaimur
S-BR-15 Katragarh Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur
S-BR-16 Fort of Munger Munger Munger
S-BR-17 Golghar Patna Patna
S-BR-18 Agamkuan Gulzarbagh, Patna City Patna Patna
S-BR-19 Beguhjam Masjid, Patna City Patna Patna
S-BR-2 Fort of Daud Khan, Daudnagar, Aurangabad Aurangabad Aurangabad
S-BR-20 Jain Temple, Kamaldah, Gulzarbagh Patna Patna
S-BR-21 Do Ruikhi Pratima, Kumrahar Patna Patna
S-BR-22 Choti Patandevi, Patna city Patna Patna
S-BR-23 Jalagarh Fort Karba Purnia Purnia
S-BR-24 Sun Temple, Mauza Kandaha, Mahyasa Mahishi Saharsa Saharsa
S-BR-25 Chirand Saran Saran
S-BR-26 Shergarh Fort (Sabzibagh, Sasaram) Sasaram/Rohtas Sasaram/Rohtas
S-BR-27 Tomb of Alabal Khan, Sasaram Sasaram/Rohtas Sasaram/Rohtas
S-BR-28 Nepali Temple, Hazipur Vaishali Vaishali
S-BR-29 Nishan Singh Martyr Memorial & Cemetery West Champaran West Champaran
S-BR-3 Archaeological Site, Kheri, Shahkund Bhagalpur Bhagalpur
S-BR-30 Hazarimal Dharmashala, Bettiah West Champaran West Champaran
S-BR-4 Tomb of Mahmudshah, Kahalgaon Bhagalpur Bhagalpur
S-BR-5 Babu Veer Kumar Singh, Birth place, Jagdishpur Bhojpur Bhojpur
S-BR-6 Bausagarh (Nasratpur) Buxar Buxar
S-BR-7 Ramshila Hill, Gaya Gaya Gaya
S-BR-8 Pretshila Hill (Bagdi Chiraiya Road, Bahadur Bigha) Gaya Gaya
S-BR-9 Vishnupad Temple, Gaya Gaya Gaya

केंद्र संरक्षित बिहार के ऐतिहासिक स्मारक

SL. No. Description Location District
N-BR-1 Tomb of Shamsher Khan Shamshernagar Aurangabad
N-BR-10 Ruined fortress at Nandangarh Marhia West Champaran
N-BR-11 Vedic burial mounds Marhia West Champaran
N-BR-12 Vedic burial mounds Pakri West Champaran
N-BR-13 Fort ruins, tank and Stupa Sagardih East Champaran
N-BR-14 Buddhist Stupa (Kesariya Stupa) Tajpur Deur East Champaran
N-BR-15 Ashoka column known as Laur pillar Lauriya Areraj East Champaran
N-BR-16 Pillars of Ashoka Lauriya Nandangarh West Champaran
N-BR-17 Vedic burial mounds Lauriya Nandangarh West Champaran
N-BR-18 Ashoka column Rampurwa West Champaran
N-BR-19 Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the southern and eastern faces of some rocks and boulders of Kauwadol Hill Kurisarai Gaya
N-BR-2 Ancient site of Vikramashila Monastery Antichak Bhagalpur
N-BR-20 Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the face of an isolated round boulder separated by a distance of 12 feet from the south-eastern corner of the KauwadolHill. Kurisarai Gaya
N-BR-21 Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the northern -eastern faces of some rocks of KauwadolHill. Kurisarai Gaya
N-BR-22 Sculptures of four Hindu deities one on each side of an oblong isolated boulder to the east of theKauwadol Hill. Kurisarai Gaya
N-BR-23 The whole of the ancient ruins on which there are a colossal statute of Buddha, a few loose sculptures and thirteen sand stone pillars. Kurisarai Gaya
N-BR-24 The area generally known as ‘Garh’. Famous for the Kurkihar Hoard of bronze images, now in the Patna Museum. Some Pala period sculptures and architectural fragments, including the Buddha statue illustrated, were collected by Major Markham Kittoe in the nineteenth century and are now in the British Museum. Kurkihar Gaya
N-BR-25 Ancient Buddhistic image and other images and sculptures collected underneath a shed Guneri Gaya
N-BR-26 Ancient mounds in the valley known as “Hasra Kol” Bishunpurtarwa,Hasra and Jagdishpur Gaya
N-BR-27 Ancient mouds in the hill known as ‘Sobhnath’ Bishunpurtarwa,Hasra and Jagdishpur Gaya
N-BR-28 Siva temple Konch Gaya
N-BR-29 Ancient Stupa and other remains locally known as Sujata garh Bakraur Gaya
N-BR-3 Rock Temple Golgong Bhagalpur
N-BR-30 Ancient Buddhistic image and sculptures collected underneath a shed Ghejan Jehanabad
N-BR-31 Gopi Cave Barabar and Nagarjuni hills Jehanabad
N-BR-32 Karan Chaupar Cave Barabar and Nagarjuni hills, Jehanabad
N-BR-33 Lomas Rishi Cave Barabar and Nagarjuni hils, Jehanabad
N-BR-34 Sudama Cave Barabar and Nagarjuni hils, Jehanabad
N-BR-35 Vadathika Cave Barabar and Nagarjuni hils Jehanabad
N-BR-36 Vapiyaka Cave Barabar and Nagarjuni hils, Jehanabad
N-BR-37 Visva Jhopa Cave Barabar and Nagarjuni hils, Jehanabad
N-BR-38 Ancient monolithic pillar known as Lat Lat Jehanabad
N-BR-39 Ashokan Column Kolhua Muzaffarpur
N-BR-4 Patalpuri cave and land adjoining Bateshwar cave on the Patharghatahill Madhorampur Bhagalpur
N-BR-40 Remains of the ramparts and the mound commonly known as the ‘Queen’s Palace’ in the Killa Bihar Sharif Nalanda
N-BR-41 Tomb of Malik Ibrahim Bayu Bihar Sharif Nalanda
N-BR-42 Ancient remains known as Garh Ghorakatora Nalanda
N-BR-43 All mounds, structures and buildings enclosed in the acquired area Nalanda Nalanda
N-BR-44 Ancient mound Bargaon Nalanda
N-BR-45 Statue of Buddha Jagdishpur Nalanda
N-BR-47 Sculpture and Images Datiana Patna
N-BR-48 The grove known as “Bulandibagh” Bulandipur Patna
N-BR-49 The mound or stupa known as “Chhoti Paharai” Chhoti Pahari Patna
N-BR-5 Rock sculptures Patharghatta Bhagalpur
N-BR-50 Supposed site of the Palace of Ashoka Kumrahar Patna
N-BR-51 Remains of wooden foundations and ancient Mauryan walls Sandalpur Patna
N-BR-52 Mounds known as the five stupasor “Panch Pahari” Paharidih Patna
N-BR-54 Tomb of Shah Makhadum Daulat Maneri and Ibrahim Khan Maner Patna
N-BR-55 Tank Maner Patna
N-BR-56 Ancient Mound and ruined brick walls together with adjacent land which is Patna
N-BR-57 Ancient Mound and ruined brick walls together with adjacent land constituting survey plot No. 399 Maner Patna
N-BR-58 Ancient mound Buxar Buxar
N-BR-59 Tomb of Hasan Shah Suri Sasaram Rohtas
N-BR-6 Ancient mound Buxar Buxar
N-BR-60 Tomb of Sher Shah Suri Sasaram Rohtas
N-BR-61 Rohtasgarh fort Rohtasgarh Rohtas
N-BR-62 Temple of Mundeswari Devi Paura Kaimur
N-BR-63 Tomb of Bakhtiar Khan Malik Sarai Kaimur
N-BR-64 Three rock inscriptions (Adjacent to Tara Chandi temple) Sasaram Rohtas
N-BR-66 Remains of Ancient city Manjhi Saran
N-BR-67 Jami mosque Hajipur Vaishali
N-BR-68 Relic Stupa Harpur Basant (Vaishali) Vaishali
N-BR-69 Raja Vishal ka Garh Vaishali Vaishali
N-BR-7 Remains of ancient fort orPachrukhi Garh locally known as Raja Bali Ka Garh Balirajgarh Madhubani
N-BR-70 Kanhaiya ji ka mandir Bandarjhula Kishanganj
N-BR-8 Ruined fortress, Chankigarh Chanki West Champaran
N-BR-9 Rampart of the fort and Stupa at Nandangarh Marhia West Champaran